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FabricBoard iSUP paddle board bag is designed to fit all our boards and accessories. Valid for 10′, 10’6″ and 12’6″ models, so it can fit boards around the same size. A great solution for the everyday iSUP user who needs to transport his/her bag from one location to another.

  •  Durable nylon outer shell prevents damage to your board and accessories.
  • Mesh netting on the top and sides for better ventilation.
  •  Outer Pocket for carrying accessories and other personal belongings.
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FabricBoard iSUP Backpack

Our spacious, durable and comfortable backpack is the perfect solution for storing and transporting your Inflatable SUP.  It is big enough to store any inflatable board up to 12’6″ in size, the pump, paddle, fins leash and repair kit plus any other small accessories you want to bring along.  It comes with extra straps on the outside to further compact and secure the main compartment. Made of durable nylon shell to prevent damage to your board and accessories. It has comfy cushioned backpack straps and adjustable sides for making it hold on your back comfortably and also support straps across the chest to spread the weight of the load more evenly.

The bag includes a front zippered pocket for easily storing and transporting board accessories; fins, leash, and repair kit. It also includes a mesh netting on top and sides to help dry out your paddle board when it is in storage. It is able to get checked as regular sized luggage with most airlines and has enough space to fit extras.

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El remo está fabricado en aluminio, por lo que es muy ligero, no se oxida, y además es ajustable en altura. Puede extenderse hasta 275cm pero se reduce a menos de 95cm para facilitar su transporte. Las aletas de nylon mejoran tu control sobre la dirección y también son desmontables para facilitar su almacenamiento y transporte. La bomba manual FabricBoard es un hinchador o inflador de alta intensidad para hinchar la tabla a través de la válvula H3 estandarizada. Disponemos también de leash o “invento” para que no se te escape la tabla y, por último tenemos la mochila, que ha sido específicamente diseñada para que quepa a la perfección un Paddle Surf FabricBoard y sea cómodo llevarlo a la espalda.

If you prefer the whole kit…

Our boards come with all the accessories you need to make your day on the water.

Non-Slip Grip

5mm extra soft EVA Pad for stability and comfort.

Safety Leash

For maximum safety and comfort on the water.

Adjustable Paddle

3 PC adjustable and lightweight aluminum shaft.

Double Action Pump

High-pressure double action hand air pump with gauge.

High-Quality Fins

3 nylon removable fins to improve your performance on the water.

Repair Kit

The kit includes a valve wrench and PVC patching

Durable Backpack

It comes with an external pocket, padded shoulder and chest strap.

Bungee Tie Down

Adjustable bungee straps for storing gear and supplies.



Materials and technology

Made of durable nylon that prevents damage to the board and accessories.


Mesh netting on top and sides for better ventilation.


Padded backpack straps, adjustable sides and chest support straps.


It measures about 3×1.24×0.72″.


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