We have prepared a series of doubts regarding our inflatable paddleboards. If there is still something that is not clear to you, call us or write us an e-mail and we will be happy to help you.

All our boards are inflatable so we are going to explain you the benefits of choosing an inflatable stand up paddle board.

1. Easy to store
Your FabricBoard rolls up into its own bag so you can store your iSUP anywhere in your home.

2. Easy to transport
Inflatable SUPs are the easiest type of paddle board to transport, just toss the backpack in the trunk of your car. You can also check the backpack for air travel.

3. Durability
Our boards are produced using the latest technology so we are proud to say that the are nearly indestructible. No doubts that inflatables are more durable than hard paddle boards.

4. Cost
Inflatable boards are typically cheaper than hard paddle boards. Since they are so portable and easy to transport, you can also save on rental fees.