FabricBoard iSUPs

Our mission is to build great performing, affordable and highly durable iSUPs for all water gliders. We want to put the best inflatable stand up paddle boards under your feet that is why we go a step beyond in the design, technology and manufacturing techniques used in all our boards. We are all paddlers, discover your FabricBoard and share our passion.

Paddle Surf FabricBoard Best Design



All our boards are made using the latest and most innovative technology, DLF fusion technology. This high-tech process makes the board stronger and reduces weight at lower pressures. It consists in bonding a second layer of high-density structural PVC to the drop stitch core by heat lamination. The heat lamination process is glue-less and solvent free to eliminate hand gluing errors and surface imperfections.

The BENEFITS of using this innovative technology is that all our boards are lighter (20% lighter than double layered PVC technology), stiffer (similar to an epoxy board + you can transport and storage it easily), easier to roll and more durable. Indestructible boards to conquer the Water!

MSL Technology Supboard Inflatable Paddle Surf Board Layers Fusion
Element Feature
1. Thick-military grade PVC layer We machine laminate a layer of PVC to the adhesive layer under controlled conditions, removing human errors involved in traditional double layer application.
2. Machine-pressed EVA pad Diamond textured deck pad reinforced by machine at 170 psi to ensure a perfect adhesion.
3. Bungee tie down Adjustable bungee straps for storing gear and supplies.
4. DLF airtight coating Outer drop stitch core is coated in sealing adhesive (polymer) before machine fusing a second layer of thick-military grade PVC, while still in raw material. It avoids manual errors and reduces board weight.
5. Dropstitch Core Dropstitch technology joins the top and bottom layers of the SUP with thousands of high-density filaments, making for a rock-hard SUP that can be inflated up to 15 psi.
6. First Layer Rail Tape A high-pressure laminated, heat-pressed rail ensures an airtight and waterproof construction.
7. Second Layer Rail Tape Abrasion and UV resistant polyester PVC reinforced outer rail band for extra stiffness and extreme durability.
8. Third Layer Rail Tape Two extra bands around the board for compression and additional stiffness.

Available in 4 stylish colour schemes.

We keep loyal to our principle of simplicity is beauty. All our boards are carefully designed using minimalism and clean lines plus trending colours to add sophistication and a contemporary breeze. Simply beautiful.

Inflatable Paddle Surf FABRICBOARD Color Blue Black Green Coral

Black & Red

Ocean Blue

Seaweed Green


Available in 3 different sizes

There is a FabricBoard for every rider. We want to get everybody on the water that’s why we have 3 different sizes to fit any kind of person, little or large.

Inflatable Paddle Surf iSUP 10 FabricBoard Blue with Rucksack and Measures

FabricBoard 10′ Inflatable All Round Stand Up Paddle Board

FabricBoard 10’ is a fun and stable inflatable all-around iSUP  for almost anything you want to do: flat water paddling, fitness, surfing small waves, yoga, family outings…it can handle any adventure.

Its dimensions (10’ long by 30” wide and 6”) make this board perfect for smaller paddlers of any ability looking for all around water activities, or for a larger paddler seeking more aggressive performance in the waves. It is a great paddle board for beginners; it will allow you to try everything a SUP can offer and will grow with your skill level as you progress.

The 30” width and 6” thickness makes it a stable, but also a very manoeuvrable board and its rounded nose will keep you above the water instead of in it. So feel at ease even if you are taking your dog with you.

FabricBoard 10′6″ Inflatable All Round Stand Up Paddle Board

FabricBoard 10’ 6” all-around iSUP can do it all: river running, lake cruising, yoga posing, catching waves, fitness and ocean adventures. A great board to start paddling today.

Its dimensions (10’6” long by 31” wide and 6” thick) make this a perfect board for anyone needing stability and space for children, pets, gear or yoga practice. A tough and stable board so you won’t fall off. A versatile and easy to transport board perfect for any skill level, from the entire family to more experienced paddlers. Strong and sturdy can support weight up to 320 pounds.

Its functional design provides improved water steering control without risking speed and efficiency. The wide tail allows you to kick the board around with full control.

FabricBoard 12′6″ Inflatable Touring Stand Up Paddle Board

FabricBoard 12” is the perfect touring iSUP designed for long distance exploration, fitness training and racing through flat or choppy waters.

Its dimensions (12’ long by 30” wide and 6” thick) provide a fast yet stable and confidence building platform and keep you from tiring on those longer expeditions.
The radical and sexy shape, with its pointed nose, cuts through the water for an efficient smooth ride and avoids hitting chop full face.

This is a paddle board for intermediate to more experienced seasoned paddlers looking for speed and thrilling adventures.

FabricBoard iSUP Models

Black & RedBlueGreenCoralCream Squares

FabricBoard 10’ 6” is great for paddlers of any ability who want a recreational paddle board that looks good and can be used for a variety of activities. Playful, portable and easy to handle, so no excuses, get out there and hit he water. Includes:

  •  Repair kit: valvewrench and PVC patching
  •  Three nylon removable fins.
  •  Durable backpack and three-piece aluminum adjustable paddle.
  •  High-pressure double action hand air pump with gauge and leash.


Black & RedBlueGreenBlue & Green & YellowCream Squares

A stable, stylish and versatile all-around inflatable paddle board, easy to store and transport. Great for outings on flat and choppy waters, yoga and exploring your local waterways. Includes:

  • Repair kit: valvewrench and PVC patching.
  •  Three nylon removable fins.
  •  Durable backpack and three-piece aluminum adjustable paddle.
  •  High-pressure double action hand air pump with gauge and leash.