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    FabricBoard iSUP paddle board bag is designed to fit all our boards and accessories. Valid for 10′, 10’6″ and 12’6″ models, so it can fit boards around the same size. A great solution for the everyday iSUP user who needs to transport his/her bag from one location to another.

    •  Durable nylon outer shell prevents damage to your board and accessories.
    • Mesh netting on the top and sides for better ventilation.
    •  Outer Pocket for carrying accessories and other personal belongings.

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    A great adjustable iSUP paddle designed to fit most heights and styles. It splits into three parts so it easily fits in your backpack. Plus it is extremely light, it weighs less than 2 lbs. Practical and perfect for traveling, with no compromise on performance.

    •  Lightweight alloy shaft for extreme durability and reliability
    •  Profiled nylon blade for low-impact paddling and stability.
    •  Versatile ergonomic handle.

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    FabricBoard double-action high-pressure pump is designed to easily and efficiently inflate your SUP. Developed to cut the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate you board so you can jump on your SUP in no time:

    •  Ergonomic handle and foot.
    •  Dual Action settings for quick and easy inflation.
    •  Integrated gauge to keep control of the pressure while inflating.
    • Locking 50-inch hose, with H3-valve.

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    FabricBoard iSUP Leash. Valid for models 10′, 10’6″ and 12′. You will no longer run the risk of your table escaping:

    • Incredibly durable strap for your inflatable surf paddle.
    • Measures 3 meters long when fully deployed.
    •  As it is shaped like a coil, it reduces the resistance by staying out of the water.

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  • 39.99

    Nylon fins for your FabricBoard inflatable standup paddleboard. Valid for models 10′, 10’6″ and 12′. Designed to have the most control over your table’s direction:

    •  Fabricada en nylon de alta calidad.
    •  Extraíble para un fácil almacenamiento y transporte.
    • Para uso en aguas tranquilas o agitadas.

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